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Ryne Crosthwait

Ryne Crosthwait

Vice President

Favorite FFA Activity

- Agriscience

Favorite Non-FFA Activity

Poultry shows

My Spirit Animal is a(n)…

- Chicken

Favorite Quote

-  God loves everyone, so be kind, that includes who you see in the mirror

Best Piece of Advice to New FFA Members

- Jump in, do everything and get involved. See what you like then grab hold and be great!

Biggest Irrational Fear

- Mice

Favorite Movie

- The Untouchables

Favorite Song

- Mountain Song

Favorite Food

- Shrimp

Favorite Drink

- Water

Dream Vacation Location

- Any beach

What type of ice cream best describes you?

- Birthday Cake

In my spare time, outside of FFA, I like to .

- Be with my animals and take care of them

When I grow up, I want to be a ...

- Political lobbyist