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Making Words Count

Making Your Words Count Project

A Project for all Stillwater Public School Students in Grades 8th through 12th 

Check out this Video from one of our Chapter Officers, Trinity Blosch, to learn more about this amazing project!

How It Works:

  1. Think of someone that you would like to send a thoughtful, encouraging word to. Every word that we say comes with a cost that can build up or tear down. For this project, we are assigning values to each letter. For example, an A = 1 cent, B = 2 cents, all the way to Z = 26 cents. You have a maximum of $1 to spend on each word that you send, but you are welcome to spend less. There is a chart below, that shows the value for each letter.
  2. For $1, you can send your thoughtful word to a classmate at SJHS or SHS. The note (pictured below) will be distrubuted all with a 100 Grand Full Size Candy Bar. 
  3. To submit your word gram, go to this website – and fill it out.
  4. You must also turn in your $1 cash as well for each candy gram. Those who do not turn in their money, will not have their Dollar Grams Sent. Money collected from this activity will be donated to Mental Health Awareness Oklahoma. Here is how you will pay: 
    1. If you are in Junior High – you will turn in your money to your advisory teacher
    2. If you are the High School – There will be a booth set up in the Student Center on both Tuesday and Thursdays
    3. For students who are in Ag Class – You can also turn it in to your teacher.
  5. Both the Google Form and Money Collection must be take place by Thursday, November 17th which is our final deadline
  6. The Dollar Grams will then be sent out during Adivsory Classes in December for Junior High Classes. For High School students, we will reach out to you to work out pickups.

Please take part in this to help build up your classmates. Our words do count!


The Dollar Gram will involve this message as well as a 100 Grand Bar



Use the Chart Below to Help You


You can also use this online calculator –